Candino belongs to one of the few watchmaking Groups in the world capable of covering each and every stage of a watch’s manufacture. This enables a level of process control and quality standards unique in the field, placing the firm in an ideal position to compete at the highest levels.
Candino has the capability and technology to design and manufacture a complete watch, including all its mechanical components.
This translates into a unique competitive advantage in the market. The Herbetswil plant (Switzerland) assembles Swiss Made watches. It has a top-quality factory with the latest production technologies and builds both mechanical and quartz watches. It employs 64 qualified employees who use the most advanced technologies to assemble watches and who meticulously apply the quality controls that each and every one of the pieces that go into a Candino watch are subjected to. This is an essential step to certifying the product before it reaches the market.
As a result of continuous expansion, the group has acquired six highly specialized production centres. One of them is the Swiss manufacturer Soprod which has three key production plants: one in the city of Sion, which makes quartz movements; the second in Les Reussilles, which focuses on the production of automatic mechanisms and integration of complex modules; a third, in Saignelégier, which manufactures components. Each step forward that Candino has taken along its path contributes to an excellent production system whose only comparable expression is among the very best of Swiss watchmakers.


And from the outset, Candino is ahead of its time investing in totally innovative materials and manufacturing processes.
For over 60 years our pioneering spirit has been committed to constant modernization of our installations, with particular attention to the use of advanced technology and adapting its application in a changing market.
In 2002, Candino joined the Festina Group. This merger has strengthened the group and has proved extremely conducive to making all processes even more dynamic, influencing the final product’s excellent qualities and making each watch a unique piece. Candino has benefited from greater know-how in management, logistics and distribution. In turn, Candino has reinforced the midrange segment of the group and has contributed Swiss tradition and experience to the technical aspects of manufacturing. We manufacture components that require an in-depth knowledge of the sector. We strive for pinpoint accuracy in cut quality, milling and polishing. In Candino we are firmly committed to being at the forefront of technology. Our goal is for whoever wears a Candino to feel the intrinsic values of the brand: tradition, elegance and modernity.


Adolf Flury-Hug was a person ahead of his time. A visionary who, in 1947, opted for a dream and opened a watchmaking workshop in the annex to his family home in Herbetswil, in the Swiss canton of Solothurn. Currently, the shop is still standing next to the company’s ultramodern factory, which opened in 1989. Not by chance has it withstood time and modernisation; it symbolises Candino’s commitment to the principles of its founders.
That tradition, year after year, has fuelled the latest technological innovations making each watch extraordinary for its modernity and its accuracy. Candino manufactures its products using the latest technology, while contributing all the traditional Swiss watchmaker’s experience.
The company has always attached great importance to the aesthetic design of each of its technically sophisticated models and they are created with top-quality materials such as steel, titanium and ceramics.
Through its four collections, Candino covers the exclusive end of the market, contributing their great watchmaking tradition to all their collections: Classic, Casual, Elegance and Sport.
And for sybarites, Candino has expanded its range of quartz watches with a series equipped with additional, unusual functions that aim to please those who perceive a watch as a unique machine that measures the most important thing in life: time.


We take exquisite care of each and every process: design, fabrication, assembly of the mechanism, transportation and customer service. We combine tradition and modernity with the awareness that the importance lies in the details. This way of working allows us to bear the Swiss Made seal of quality, a symbol of the excellence that only products made in Switzerland carry. Candino conducts quality controls at all levels of the manufacturing process. Further, a fast and efficient after-sales service reinforces this warranty and contributes to our good reputation among outlets and international customers.
Candino is not content with simply making every effort to produce watches of impeccable quality. Every day, new formulas in product development, new materials and new designs are investigated. The aim of this spirit of improvement is to offer better performance, greater reliability and the best product at a fair price. Candino’s customers value the opportunity to benefit from good quality at a reasonable price and therefore continue to place their trust in the company.